Technical Features

Online menu

Beautiful online menu that functions extremely well and looks great.

Allows customers to pick menu items with ease.

included with all plans

Real time reports

Get reports to your email by the day, week, month, or all. We can break reports down by the second, allowing you to look at whatever part of the system you’d like.

monthly, daily, weekly reporting included in free. interday and shift reports included in Starter+ and up.

Menu options

Allow customers to select options, upcharge for certain items. Set detailed rules for certain items, with operations such as “customer must select if they want a soup or salad, then when a category is selected, they must choose an option”

We can set detailed rules so that your tickets look just like they do in store.

Upcharging and complicated rules included in Starter+ and up.

Daily items, items by time

We can set daily items, specials, prices, and codes that only appear on certain days, i.e. discounts on wine on Wednesday, happy hour between 2-5pm, clam chowder Tuesdays, or much more

Included in Starter+ and up

Hours and operations

We dial in your operating hours by day so that you never accept an order when you’re closed or closing. 

Included in all plans

Customer support links

Customer support built into the site. 100% of our customers say customer support is easy to find. We give your customers great tools to get support on their order. All inquiries go straight to us and we take care of it.

Included in all plans