Pricing FAQ’s

Are there any additional fees?

Unfortuately, yes, but they are very low. The card brands charge us, per month, around $22 and we pass that cost along to you.

Included in this is full tax documentation and a full PCI compliance suite. What that means is that for around $300 a year we keep both the IRS and the card brands happy.

There are no fees beyond that, just those ones, and the equipment costs. That puts our service cost per year, including everything at $664 a year

Do I have to pay for concierge to get support?

No, of course not! Included in all plans is the ability to contact us for help at all times. The difference with conceirge is how you pay us for our time.

Let’s say you are making a major menu adjustment, which requires 90 minutes of our time to implement on the site.

Without conceirge, you pay $1 a minute for our time to make those adjustments, but we’ll still always be there to help.

With conceirge, you don’t pay us for any of that, saving you, in this case, $90.

All plans come with free technical support for things like the site not working or functioning properly.