The cost of traditional services vs. Muneris Menus, explained.

Apr 15, 2022

In this article, we will examine the cost of traditional, comparable online ordering service vs Muneris Menus.

Doordash vs Muneris Menus

Doordashes pricing structure is a bit complex, but the lowest comission they charge is 15%. On this pricing model, Doordash charges the customer anywhere from $2.99-$4.99 to “offset cost savings”.

If you don’t want to have the customer pay that fee, no worries! They’ll happily take a 25% comission instead.

Doordash takes a 6% comission on pickup orders. It is unclear whether that includes credit card processing or not.

All of our plans, including the free plan (which literally will cost you $0 a month) include credit card processing.

UberEats vs Muneris Menus

UberEats has very similar pricing to DoorDash, they are a bit cheaper as they do not charge the customer to “offset cost savings”. They charge 15% comission on delivery orders, and a 6% comission on pickup orders, they say this pricing is for “to reach customers who already know you”. We’re not sure what that means, or if those prices include the cost of processing cards.

It should be noted that these prices don’t include comprehensive listing on their directory, and “You’ll only be visible to customers in the app who are looking for you by name”. If you want better visibility, prepare to pay up.

The most shady thing about Uber is they charge you for delivering your own orders. Yes, you read right, if you decide to hire and train delivery drivers, pay their gas and mileage, Uber will still charge you a 15% commission on those orders as if they delivered them. We really don’t get this.

“With Uber you can choose to use your own delivery people to deliver the orders you recieve from Uber Eats. You pay a 15% fee for Self-delivery orders from the Uber Eats app.”

Uber has a minimum amount of orders before they start charging you, which we think is nice. We also think it’s nice that Uber lists their pricing and fee program right on their site, which DoorDash and GrubHub do not do.

Bottom line, our system is designed for any and all customers, and all plans are comission free.

GrubHub vs Muneris Menus.

GrubHub is the worst offender of all. They charge a base of 20%, a credit card processing fee, an order processing fee, and a delivery comission of another 10%. That means their comission could be as high as 40%. Wow. Depending on food costs, you could literally be losing money on food costs (gross sales) by getting more orders.

We notice that most of these services absolutely cannabalize your net sales/net profits, but GrubHub is the only one that could come close to actually cutting into gross sales/gross profit and food costs.

We also believe that GrubHub, aside from cannibalizing the businesses they rely on, has participated in shady business practices. We won’t get into the details, but GrubHub, along with Yelp, switched phone numbers for their own GrubHub numbers without telling business owners, allowing them to collect comission for organic calls.

We would not reccomend using GrubHub as we find them, their prices, and practices bad for business. We also stopped supporting Yelp, as we find their practices bad for business. Yelps security also do not align with our security standards.

ChowNow vs Muneris Menus

ChowNow is actually not at a bad price at all. At only $129 a month, they’re easily cheaper than anything on this list, but what they offer at that price is still not comparable to what we offer at a similar price.

For $129 with them, you just get the system. Our $149 plan includes full management and free changes/updates. IT appears that with ChowNow, you’re on your own to change items and prices. You also end up prepaying for the entire thing for 2 years, and we’re not superfans of that model. That makes the upfront cost just over $3,000. Their startup cost is $199, which isn’t bad, but ours is $0.

ChowNow charges around 3% to run cards, which is the market price, but with us, credit card processing is included in every plan, including free plans.

ChowNow isn’t the hero of delivery either. They offer their delivery network which seems like it may be good considering most of their offerings are not half bad, but it turns out this delivery network is powered by their partner in crime DoorDash, which comes with their fees. Ugh.

Compared to ChowNow, we’re a bit cheaper, and also offer superior service for the price.

In Conclusion

Muneris Menus comes quite a bit under traditional delivery apps, does not charge a comission, and provides an excellent service for the price. In a relieving turn of events, we actually called one of our original clients to tell him his cost had gone down. True story.

As always, please do proper research on all services. If you’d like to find out more about Muneris Menus, give us a call and schedule a meeting. Compared to many services, our pricing is super transparent and can be found by clicking below.

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